6 Reasons you should clean your eaves


Blog Clean your eaves downspout Do you really need to clean your eaves?

Yes, yes, YES. 

First off, let’s start with the terms eavestrough and gutters.  Technically they are different but when it comes to home maintenance, they’re typically used interchangeably.  An eavestrough can be defined as a trough that you see attached to the eaves of a building. The gutter is a channel that also drains water, however, it’s a channel that is prepared on the surface (typically alongside a road).

Whatever you call them, cleaning your gutters or eaves is a very important part of regular home maintenance.  Inspecting and cleaning your eaves should be done at least once a year.

Late fall is often best, particularly if you have large trees where their leaves are likely falling onto the roof.  Putting in the work or hiring a professional to maintain your eaves may help prevent unexpected and expensive repairs in the future.


6 reasons to clean your eaves. Blog clean your eaves, ice dams

  1. Protect your roof. Clogged gutters prevent the rain from draining properly.  Continual flooding of eaves can cause damage to the roof and eventually lead to a rotten or leaking roof.
  2. Prevent pests. When eaves are clogged with leaves and debris, it is an invitation for birds, rodents, or insects. No one wants a pest infestation!
  3. Protect your home’s foundation.  The primary job of eaves and downspouts is to relocate water away from your home.  If they can’t do their job, you risk water pooling near the foundation which can lead to leaks or even worse…cracks in your foundation.
  4. Avoid leaks.  Excess water will run down your home with the potential of finding cracks or crevices. Water damage can cause mold, staining, and require extensive repairs.
  5. Prevent ice dams. Ice dams are caused when snow off the roof melts and runs into the gutters. With dirty gutters, it may re-freeze causing ice dams that prevent proper drainage. Ice dams can cause water to collect under shingles, moving moisture to damage the roof, fascia, and soffits on your home. Icicles can also form which adds additional weight which the gutters can not handle. This can lead to gutters detaching from the roof and damaging the fascia.
  6. Curb appeal!  Clean gutters will simply make your home look better.

This all sounds scary and expensive but these problems can be avoided! Regular cleaning and maintenance is absolutely worth the hassle as the alternative will likely be worse.