April Real Estate Market Update 2024

April Market Update

The Calgary market is too hot to handle, too cold to hold.

If you know the tune I’m referencing, then you’re awesome. I wore pants like him but not for this video (-;

Much like that song, if you’ve been in the real estate game as long as I have, you’ll understand what I’m saying. This market seems too hot for many and it is filled with uncertainty. With rate and lending changes, inventory dwindling to nearly none, and soaring prices, it’s a tough scene for many out there. But, we’re not just standing by and we are not just reporting stats.

We are hustling to find potential sellers who might be willing to sell, and we are often the first on the scene to secure private sales and purchases.

We’re calculating every move, every purchase, and every sale, using data, statistics, sentiment, and years of experience. We’re working to create some pretty remarkable outcomes in this market and if you’re looking to buy or sell, we hope that will include you. Calgary real estate market stats for March 2024 provided by CREB.

To share more about this, we’re excited to invite you to our biggest announcement yet. We’re making moves and have new space to show you. Thanks to you and your support, we aim to leverage the market shifts and celebrate this great city with you.

We’re throwing a party, and it’s going to be big. If you’re up for a drink, a coffee, dinner, and a great catch-up, RSVP for April 18th. You can stop by for an hour or stay all day! Need more details? Just let me know.

And remember, if you need help buying, selling, or figuring out your next move, we’re here for you – reach out anytime!

Same main office and a new building with a patio for sunny summer days (-;

Detailed market update statistics from the Calgary Real Estate Board for March 2024 are available HERE.