The Buyer’s Perspective

It was your home and it still is until the sold sign goes up. You loved it, you created memories, and every detail has a story.

When you’re selling, sadly, you have to let that go.

The focus when selling has to shift to the new buyer’s perspective. This often means making changes to the home to fit a more neutral feel that will appeal to or lend the greatest potential for the majority of buyers.

Preparing your home for listing:
  • Complete any minor touch-ups. This may include things such as fixing cracks in drywall, staining your deck, and replacing any burnt out light bulbs. When a buyer is viewing the home you want them to think about living in the home, not about renovations.
  • Update the home to a neutral pallet. If you have lime green walls with red shag carpet, a potential home buyer may not be able to look past those features to imagine themselves in the space. Ot they may picture their furniture and decor and think about how they clash instead of appreciating the foundation of the home.
  • Depersonalize. If you have a lot of family photos or a fancy Star Wars collection it’s best to pack these up before listing. You don’t want the buyer to picture your family living there, they need to focus on their own. Collectibles can be awesome but they can also be a distraction for the buyer as you don’t want them to focus too much on any one thing.
  • Clean. Declutter and clean. This is needed to be done for photos and also maintained for showings. The more you can pack or store away from the home, the less there is to tidy and maintain during the listing process.

Consider having a staging consult. They can provide an unbiased opinion and provide tips to showcase your home in the best way to appeal to the most people possible.

Focus on the buyer and you’ll have a better experience selling your home.