Why the details matter

When you want something done right, do it yourself.  You shouldn’t always trust your Realtor to be correct when it comes to the details.  But, this doesn’t mean you should let them off the hook either!

As a seller, you know your home better than your Realtor and you should work together to ensure you get the details correct.  Some details a Realtor will only know if you share it with them and some may be simple mistakes that get overlooked so make sure you put a second or third set of eyes on your listing to ensure it is accurate and that it highlights the features that matter to you.

Step #1

Before listing provide your Realtor with a list of details about your home.  If it’s been on MLS (Multiple Listing Service/Realtor.ca) previously, they have access to the previous listing but share any other info that you feel might be relevant, particularly items that can be seen such as upgraded insulation or high-efficiency appliances.  At this stage, more is better. They can decide what to advertise and what can we left out.

Step #2

Do a walk through with your Realtor and show them the benefits of any given feature to ensure they can truly paint a picture for the potential buyers. A den is an obvious feature but if you can highlight how it can fit a desk and a Murphy bed to double as a guest room, there is so much added value.

Step #3

Once listed, or better yet, review a draft of the listing before they submit to MLS.  Go over the details with a fine tooth comb to ensure it is accurate. A few of the most important items to look out for:

      • Price – when it’s inputted, we don’t get to use commas so it could easily have an extra 0.
      • Included items – make sure your home has what is advertised and confirm that you are willing to part with it in the initial offer.
      • Bathrooms! – the Realtor’s data entry system has about a 100 blanks to fill in.  They all have to be completed before it can be launched onto the system, however, bathrooms are auto inputted with a zero so it’s an easy detail that a Realtor can miss if they’re not paying attention to the details.
      • Garage, frontage, bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. – These are some of the main search features for potential buyers.  If these details are missing or incorrect, they won’t automatically show up in front of the correct buyers for your home.

It takes teamwork to sell a house and you’re on the same team as your Realtor so work with them to ensure the details are correct!

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