Seeing the potential when buying a home

When buying a home, you’ll rarely find something that is perfect. Location, size, beds, baths, garage, outdoor space, design, and the list goes on. There are lots of boxes to check off when searching for the perfect home.

Instead of looking for perfect, search for potential.

You can’t change the location so be sure that’s as close to perfect as possible but use your imagination for the rest. Look past the cosmetics, lipstick and paint colours are easy to change. If there is something dramatic that almost any buyer would want to change, for example, a lime green living room, you may even be able to negotiate the reno into the purchase price as it’s likely an objection that would come up with most buyers.

Walls can be moved, cabinets can be changed, and garages can be built (check for any building restriction before you buy if this is a deal breaker). Any home has potential to be a dream home if you use your imagination.

But, when buying a fixer-upper, it is more important than ever to get a home inspection to ensure that you don’t have any potentially expensive surprises come up during the renovations.

Look at homes below your budget so that you can factor in renovation costs without spending more than you planned. Visit for a quick estimate to have a rough idea of what to expect for expenses.

Therefore view homes with an open mind and create your own dream home.

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