Finding the house: These days, thanks to online listings and databases, it’s easy for anyone to jump on the internet and start finding homes of interest. If you are coming up empty in your search, though, or have an exact vision for what you want, just let us know. With access to the very best industry technologies, we can help you find the perfect home before it even hits all the standard online listing sites.

Understanding market conditions: The real estate market is in a constant state of flux. Home prices shift all the time due to economic factors, seasonality, neighbourhood desirability and more. We can talk you through the market conditions to give you a better sense of what your budget should be or to assess whether a house is good value.

Negotiating: The rapid fluctuations of the real estate market mean that there is always room for bargaining when you buy a house. Once you’ve decided on a property that you love, we will help you negotiate with the seller. Our job is to secure you the best price and the most favourable terms, all in the shortest time frame possible. Thanks to our knowledge of the real estate market and our extensive experience in buying and selling, we are well-equipped to negotiate on your behalf.

Personal reflection: Understanding the real estate market before you buy a house is essential. Equally important, though, is having a thorough understanding of yourself and what you want. At Plintz Real Estate, one of the first steps we take with any clients is to sit down and have a Q&A session. How does your lifestyle look? (Or how do you want it to look?) Which features do you want or need to see in a house to suit that lifestyle? Do you expect your needs to change in the next five years? If so, what features will those changes necessitate? What is your budget? By asking you questions like these, we can help you get a better sense of what your dream home should be. In turn, we can use this information to find you the perfect house.