We’re always looking for awesome people to join our Brokerage to deliver exceptional service to our clients and our community.

  • Agents with a true passion and dedication for real estate.
  • Agents with a total commitment to their clients and their community.
  • Agents prepared to endure any real estate market – good or bad.

Our company is focused on service, not sales. We have team members that are hyper-focused on building their career in real estate and serving their clients. People who aren’t just interested in real estate but are fully committed to a career as a real estate profession full-time and are ready to hustle are invited to connect with us.

We offer an environment that is hyper-responsive, creative, and super connected.

We live, encourage, provide and expect learning, collaboration, and growth. All of our team share in our values and must live them. We work as a team and provide constant support to one another in meeting our targets, goals, and dreams as that’s what ensures results for clients. For more about us click HERE.

Our expectations and requirements:
  • Self-awareness, communication and support for our purpose to serve. Belief and action for our values, and mission
  • Attend all meetings when in town
  • Be open and honest with each other and to clients and treat everyone with respect
  • Fulfill your promises and commitments by only making agreements that you intend to keep
  • When a problem arises, be resourceful and solution oriented
  • Commit to adding value to our clients and to our Brokerage
  • A willingness to embrace change
  • Accept responsibility. Avoid blaming others and ask for help when needed
  • Run your business like a business


If this sounds like a fit for your business and you'd like to learn more, please connect!


If you have a local real estate or home ownership business that works with integrity and provides exceptional customer service, we want to hear from you!


or email careers@plintz.com