Grow your career with Plintz Real Estate.


We’re looking for awesome people to join our Brokerage to deliver exceptional service to our clients and our community.

Our company is focused on service, not sales. Our team members are hyper-focused on building their careers in real estate and serving their clients. We want people who aren’t just looking to do deals but are fully committed to a full-time career building relationships and serving clients.

We offer an environment that is hyper-responsive, creative, and super connected. We live, encourage, provide and expect learning, collaboration, and growth. We work as a team and provide constant support to one another in meeting our targets, goals, and dreams as that’s what ensures results for clients. 

Plintz Real Estate is not a traditional Brokerage that signs up agents to convey the paperwork. We provide and expect a standard of service that our agents deliver to every client. We are here to help you achieve it.

We offer a career path that can graduate from intern to mentorship, to agent, to team lead.



3-12 month salaried position:

We are looking for someone humble with a willingness to learn and do what it takes for success. You must be resourceful, a problem solver, and care about the little things.


  • Enrolled in, soon-to-be enrolled in or recently completed your real estate licensing
  • Eager and willing to learn and assist a variety of team members when needed
  • Reliable vehicle

This full or part-time salaried position will give you hands-on experience and knowledge to set you up for success once you have completed the Realtor licensing requirements. Once licensed, you will ideally advance into the mentorship position.

Duties may include but are not limited to:

  • Assist with contract preparation
  • Assist with inputting new listing
  • Assist with the day-to-day run-around such as installing lockboxes, brochure drop off, opening/locking up for showings
  • Organizing client services (home inspections, photos, measurements, etc)
  • Marketing (creating brochures, writing copy, social media, etc)
  • Answering lead calls
  • Creating memorable moments for clients



6-12 months

This is where we launch your career. With almost 20 years of experience (the good, the great, the bad, and the ugly) we can help mentor you to success without experiencing all of the bumps along the way.  There will still be some, but smaller and not as many. Well over 1000 sales, we have what it takes and most importantly, a vision of the future of real estate that we’re going after. Join us to learn and create the best future possible in residential real estate.


  • Fully licensed as a Realtor with membership to CREB
  • Be resourceful and solution-oriented
  • Committed to adding value to our clients and to our Brokerage
  • Willingness to learn and engage in a set of service systems to guide clients from first contact to well past closing.

This role will allow you to work closely with our teams assisting directly with leads and clients while assisting you to build the foundations of your business. You will have direct training with a mentor for lead generation, business planning, and negotiations. Your mentorship team will assist with all aspects of your clients to give you and them the peace of mind having the full experience of a team working for them.




  • Minimum 1-year experience as an active Realtor in Calgary
  • Be resourceful and solution-oriented
  • Committed to adding value to our clients and to our Brokerage
  • Willingness to learn and engage in a set of service systems to guide clients from first contact to well past closing.

As an agent with Plintz Real Estate, you would be responsible to build relationships based on trust, integrity, and service. We value our relationships with our clients more than we value any transaction. 


Mentor / Team Lead

Please note, we will not hire for this position, we will only promote from within our organization to ensure that there is a full understanding of our values, systems, and services. This is shared to help you envision a complete career path with our team.


  • Minimum 3 years experience as an active Realtor in Calgary
  • Minimum 2 years experience with Plintz Real Estate
  • A complete understanding of the Plintz Real Estate client systems
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Exceptional leadership qualities
  • A willingness and desire to help others grow their career

As a mentor with Plintz Real Estate, you will have the opportunity to help teach and grow the next generation of real estate professionals.



If you have a local real estate or homeownership business that works with integrity and provides exceptional customer service, we want to hear from you!