Supporting the local arts community.

At Plintz Real Estate, we understand that the arts are an essential component of any vibrant community. That's why we are proud to support Corps Bara Dance Theatre, a local dance company that is dedicated to exploring life's profound questions through the medium of contemporary dance.

Through its innovative and holistic approach to dance, Corps Bara Dance Theatre not only supports individual artists but also fosters a sense of community engagement and inclusivity. By creating and presenting work that resonates with diverse audiences, they are helping to enrich the cultural fabric of Calgary.

We believe that by investing in organizations like Corps Bara Dance Theatre, we can help build a stronger, more connected community that values the arts and the important role they play in our lives.

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The ROAR (Recognizing our Accomplished REALTORS®) Awards were developed to recognize members who demonstrate role model-calibre performance in specific areas of real estate.

The Community Impact ROAR Award is presented to an individual who takes action to invest in their community and views social responsibility as part of their own success. They make a tangible impact and inspire others to follow their lead.

Dennis works to build better communities by embracing such quality of life principles as economic vitality, providing housing opportunities, preserving the environment and protecting property owners. He was also nominated for the ROAR, marketing excellence award.


In partnership with the Calgary Dream Centre, Dennis Plintz founded the Youth Dream Camp.

"One of the areas that I've committed to give back and help make a difference is with youth. When I was younger I struggled at times to find my way but I was fortunate enough to have the help and I want to do that for others," says Dennis.

The CDC Youth in Recovery is specifically geared towards young men between the ages of 18-25 and tailored to meet the individual needs of each participant. This program includes the Youth Dream Camp, a life-affirming, group bonding, and recovering focused retreat every summer where the recent graduates share their stories, experiences, with each other as well as their mentors. This camp helps break down barriers and facilitates the transformation towards recovery.


Striving for a community free from family violence and abuse.

Dennis was only four years old when he first spent the night at the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last time.

For the next five years, Plintz found himself in and out of the Women’s Shelter as his mother struggled to escape an abusive relationship. Today, he is a successful real estate agent, happily married with his own children, and says he credits the Women’s Emergency Shelter for helping him make it through some of the toughest moments of his childhood. Having first-hand experience, Dennis values the importance of places like the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter and wants to ensure that they are always available for those in need.