COVID-19 Real Estate Update: Buyers

No matter the circumstances, there will always be people looking to buy a home. Some may be looking to downsize to something more affordable, families may still be growing and more space is needed. Perhaps the extra time spent in a home while social distancing has emphasized a need for something different.

The interest rates have also provided an additional reason to consider buying at this time.

As of today, if you’re interested in buying a home in Calgary, here are a few things to consider.

You will be asked to confirm that you, and the people in your home, are not showing signs of illness, have not travelled within 14 days, and have not been potentially exposed to anyone sick. 

Your Realtor may request you to sign an agreement to hold harmless the Brokerage and its representatives from any and all COVID-19 related legal claims arising from your decision to view the property. Please keep up to date with the ongoing situation via the Government of Alberta website and seek legal advice if necessary to understand the risks of viewing homes.

Do your research online.
  • View all the photos.
  • Watch the virtual tour.
  • Explore the digital walk through tours.
  • ONLY view homes in person that you are seriously interested in and that may lead to an offer.


During showings:
  • Travel the property in a separate vehicle than your Realtor.
  • View with as few people as possible to ensure social distancing is being followed. No extended family members, children, or others should be allowed in the home to reduce potential risk.
  • Social distance by remaining 2 metres away from anyone that you are not living with.
  • Bring hand sanitizer and use both before and after the showing.
  • Limit touching as much as possible. Do not close doors or turn off the lights.
  • Do not use the washroom at the property.
  • Once you know a home isn’t right for you, move on to the next. No need to keep viewing.
  • Any discussions regarding the home or an offer should be discussed with your agent outside of the home and at 2 metres away.


If you’ve found a home you love but are uncomfortable viewing, contact your Realtor. They can see if the home is vacant or they could potentially do a facetime walkthrough for you or gather additional information and resources on your behalf.

At any time after the showing you show symptoms of COVID-19, please notify your Realtor immediately.

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