COVID-19 Real Estate Update: Showings

Housing is an essential need and as long as it is allowed, serious buyers will continue to view homes as it may be a necessity for their circumstances.

During this time it is important to take steps to minimize the risk for both buyers and sellers.

Please keep up to date with the ongoing situation via the Government of Alberta website and seek legal advice if necessary to understand the risks of showing your home. Although they are taking steps to mitigate the risks, you may be required to sign an agreement to hold harmless the Brokerage and its representatives from any and all COVID-19 related legal claims arising from your decision to allow showings of your property.

The real estate boards have implemented rules such as no longer allowing open houses and showings can no longer overlap with other Realtors to help facilitate social distancing.

Buyer’s realtors should be confirming their buyers are not showing signs of illness, have not travelled within 14 days, and have not been potentially exposed to anyone sick. As a seller, you can approve showings based on the condition that the potential buyer completes a disclosure agreement asking these questions. Additionally, to limit the number of people entering your home, ensure that your Realtor confirms that the buyers have been prequalified.

Sellers, we recommend you to prepare your home with the following:

  • Disinfect common spaces, including door handles, closet and cupboard knobs, sink handles, surfaces, light switches and counters with antibacterial/germ-killing cleaners.
  • Provide additional signage at the front door asking questions of health and giving direction to wash hands prior to showing.
  • If available, provide hand sanitizer, foot coverings, wipes, or gloves.
  • Provide disposable paper towels in the washroom.
  • Turn on all lights, open all closet doors, all bathroom/bedroom and other doors to minimize the necessity for any agents/buyers to touch any surfaces.

Additional measures should be taken such as wiping down surfaces and doorknobs when returning to your home or having a cleaning service do a quick disinfectant clean.

If you or anyone in your home are sick, showing symptoms, may have been exposed to Covid-19, or should be in isolation, advise your realtor and remove your home off the market during that time to reduce the potential risk of spreading COVID-19. 

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