COVID-19 Real Estate Update: Introduction

REALTORS® are considered essential service providers during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Alberta provincial government. However, this does not mean that real estate continues as normal. For those consumers who move ahead with buying or selling properties, there are specific steps REALTORS® and consumers should take to protect their health and the health of the greater community.

While the Covid-19 virus causes concern for many, some people see it as an opportunity to buy property while for other people it may be a necessity as they need a place to live and must buy at this time. Many people also want to sell for financial or practical reasons, particularily given the unemployment rate and the current economic conditions cause by Covid-19.

As we navigate these uncharted times we will continue to provide real estate services and expertise as best we can. How we do so may change day by day as the situation is rapidly changing and we will continue to honour the direction provided by our government and the medical community. We have taken many steps and are exercising extreme caution while continuing to provide real estate services to those who require it.

Please watch and read our updates for relevant topics that may pertain to you and your situation but please note that the information in these blogs may become quickly outdated as the Covid-19 situation changes.

If you have any questions please reach out and we will do our best to answer or connect you with the experts in that area such as mortgage providers, lawyers, etc.

Thank you to all of the front line workers keeping us safe during this challenging time. Be kind, wash your hands, support local and we will continue to provide real estate services and expertise as best we can.