Is now the time to invest in real estate?

Is it a good idea to invest in real estate right now?

Given how quickly conditions have changed and continue to evolve in housing markets, particularly in Calgary, prospective home buyers may be wondering: Is now a good time to jump into the market?

Some segments of the market are way up right now but others are quickly decreasing.  It’s important to follow what is happening but more important to watch what isn’t happening.

Now is a fantastic time to invest in real estate, but only if you know what you are doing—and have the right tools and resources at hand.

When a recession hits or is about to hit, you know it’s a good time to invest in real estate. Some people are surprised to hear this, but it’s true. It’s because recessions create very motivated home sellers.

It may seem inappropriate to take advantage of someone’s distress however, you are likely actually helping them get out of an ugly situation before it gets worse.

Another reason it may be a good time to invest is the rock bottom mortgage rates. 

If you’re thinking about investing, a few things to consider:
  1. Find a deal. There are deals to be found. Whether it is foreclosures, downsizing, or moving, there are many reasons for sellers to be motivated at this time.
  2. Make sure you buy in an area that is desirable. If you plan to rent or flip, the ability to resell it in the future is so important.
  3. You will likely have to weather the storm. The market will likely take time to stabilize and recover. Be prepared to hold the home until it make sense to sell. 
  4. If you’re buying a property as a home, go slow and account for your financial and lifestyle needs. Ensure you find a home that will work for you for the long term. Now is not the time to be making several moves in a short period of time so find a home that works for today, tomorrow, and the next 5 plus years.

With the right tools and expertise, you’ll be positioned to make decisions with confidence. 

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