March Real Estate Market Update 2023

The numbers are in, and WTF? (What the flip)! 😉

We have the lowest inventory for February since 2006! Yes, we are running out of houses to sell. In February, we had a 73% sales-to-listing ratio. My FTP is 221 – if you know you know.🤔 But if you don’t, it emphasizes that stats need context.

Data, stats, and numbers are always important, but without proper context, they may be meaningless for strategizing and utilizing them effectively. At Plintz, we recognize the significance of developing a strategy to achieve success with data. Calgary Real Estate market stats for March 2023

So, what does it all mean? We believe that it’s essential to have a comprehensive plan for leveraging data in today’s Calgary market. Statistics show that inventory levels for February are currently at their lowest point since 2006, but we have a strategy in place for identifying opportunities to maximize results for buying and/or investing.

Keep in mind that many markets around Canada and the US are actually correcting in price, where there is too much supply, and prices are going down. This could mean it’s your time to sell here and buy there or invest there and invest here. It certainly means there’s an opportunity to be had here, there, and elsewhere.

Our team at Plintz has extensive experience with well over a thousand successful sales and countless stories to draw from. We are offering a copy of the book Positively Sold, which contains valuable knowledge to help you succeed with your purchase or sale.

If you’re looking for assistance in navigating the dynamic Calgary market and making the most of available opportunities, please reach out to us – call, text, or email anytime. We are here to provide you with a custom plan and work with you to achieve your real estate goals.

Detailed market update statistics from the Calgary Real Estate Board for February 2023 are available HERE.

Contact us directly for the stats on Airdrie, Cochrane, Rockyview, Bighorn, or other areas in the Calgary region.