No Paint. No Gain.

Guest Blog by Karyn Elliott, Crazy House Home Staging.

There’s no denying the influence colour has on all our purchases – from cereal boxes to cars – colour psychology drives marketing all over the world.

And a house is certainly no exception.

Only about 10% of people can imagine past beyond what they see when viewing a property. That means that anything taste-specific is difficult for buyers to overlook when choosing their dream home.

When sellers ask what is the “Biggest Bang for Their Buck” in preparing their home for sale…my answer is always painting.

The right colour sells and makes a huge difference to the length of time a house is on the market and the price it sells for.

There has been a myriad of times over the past 21 years where I had unfurnished houses sell in a day, just by painting the walls a great colour.
It goes without saying that painting walls in a beautiful neutral is optimal for selling, but one can always bring in a little colour punch for a WOW! factor in small areas like in an entry, powder bath, or section of wall to make an architectural statement.

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