November Real Estate Update 2018

November is here and it arrived with some concerning statistics about the Calgary real estate market.
First of all, if you want honest insight on what the statistics mean for you, give me a call 403-608-1112.  The analysis of all statistics, particularly in real estate, is created with a very broad brush but one size doesn’t fit all.  How the stats affect you and your real estate situation will depend on some very micro details.  These factors include your motivation, circumstances, objectives, pressure, or lack thereof and most importantly, the perspective that your real estate team brings to the table.

Home sales are “off” by 15% but that’s very wide reaching statistic.  You need to consider your specific property type, your community, and how your home compares to the competition.  Your sector might not be experiencing that stats the same way.  Rural properties are being hit the hardest and downtown condos are a close second.  If you want to know the details for your property just let me know and we can provide you with a monthly update specific to your neighbourhood or a neighbourhood that you’re interested in.
These stats are good news for buyers.  There is lots of inventory which means there is ample selection and great value in most products.  
For sellers, have patience and move as quickly as possible.  Have a strategy to stay on top of what’s happening in your personal situation, community and the details that directly relate to your circumstances.  That’s what matters most!
For all of Calgary’s real estate statistics for October 2018, click HERE.

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