House hunt when the weather is bad

Bad weather is sometimes the best time to be house hunting.  Sure it’s inconvenient but that is why you should be doing it then, cause few others are.  No one wants to be getting soaked in the rainstorm or trying to manoeuvre through snowy roads and unshovelled sidewalks to get to the door of a home.  To be expected, most people want to stay in and stay warm when the snow is blowing or the rain is pouring.

With these inconvenient conditions, there are a few reasons why it’s the perfect timing to be searching for your new home.  First off, when you are house hunting in bad weather you are less likely to have to accommodate other showings.  You won’t have to wait outside of a home while another Realtor finishes up showing the home to their clients.  And with less competition, you’re less likely to be in a position of competing offers which often leads to higher prices or unfavourable conditions.

In addition, with less traffic viewing the property you’re more likely to get a deal.  When days go by without a showing, sellers often panic.  If the seller gets concerned with a lack of showings they will likely be more flexible in their negotiating.  The first offer on a property is often the best offer the seller will receive and without activity on the home, it may appear as though it will be the only offer.  Particularly if the seller is already motivated, you may be in the perfect situation to get a deal.

So take advantage of the situation to leverage yourself a deal.  House hunt in bad weather, during long weekends, holidays, during the stampede, or other days when others are distracted.

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