Be Careful of Cameras

You’re always being watched! Maybe not always but in the current day and age, there can be cameras anywhere. This often includes when you’re viewing potential houses as a buyer, during an open house or a private showing.

Whether you like the home or not, always be respectful, careful, and tactful when viewing a home. You should be honest with your Realtor but there is no need to insult someones home if you’re not interested in it. “I’m not a fan of the paint colours in the bedroom,” is fine but “Eww that wall colour looks like cat puke,” isn’t necessary. There is a fine line between feedback and insults. More than just to be polite, if you insult someone’s tastes then plan to buy their home (and paint over the ugly wall), they may still have hard feelings when it comes to negotiating the price or terms of the sale.

Additionally, the most important thing to avoid talking about inside the home and potentially in front of cameras is your motivation. If you walk in and say that this is your future home no matter the cost, well then you’ve likely set yourself up to fail the negotiations. When the seller knows you’ve fallen in love, assigned the bedrooms, and have already started moving in your mind, then they know you’ll likely give in a bit more when it comes to the price.

Seller’s intentions when using security cameras are usually to protect themselves and their home because it’s scary having strangers come in and out of your house, but if you speak inside, they may get more than they expected. Be excited if you find your future home but don’t reveal too much inside. Step outside to discuss the details of an offer with your partner or Realtor.

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