Buyer Walkthrough

If you’re buying a home, you have to do a walkthrough before possession.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time buyer purchasing your first condo or you’re buying a luxury home, have your Realtor write a pre-possession walkthrough into the contract.  If you need to have a contractor view the home for renovations or you need to measure it for furniture, you can negotiate additional visits for after the conditions are removed as well.

A buyer walkthrough, usually 24-48 hours prior to possession, allows you to go through the details of the property.  Make sure you know where all the light switches are, how everything works, and most of all, that everything is in working order.  It’s easier to get answers and solve problems before the deal closes.  If something is broken or missing, the seller has the opportunity to fix it.

Items to check on may include, appliances in working condition, furniture or items in the contract are left as agreed to, and no major damage was caused by the sellers moving out.

Ideally, especially in complicated homes, ask for a walkthrough with the seller and their Realtor.  The seller can guide everyone through the operation of the utilities, smart home system, water features, or other items.

Prepare in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises after you’ve handed over the money.

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