Clean Your Eaves to Prevent Leaking

One of the many calls we get in the spring is for water issues. Many of these problems can simply be prevented with regular home maintenance. Inspect and clean your eavestroughs and your drains at a minimum of every spring and every fall to avoid what could become a massive issue if left unkept.

It’s important for homeowners to clear away the debris in their eaves troughs. Over the year, especially in the fall, eaves trough can collect a lot of junk: twigs, leaves, pebbles, even bird nests. It’s an important and necessary part of good roof care to make sure that these troughs get emptied and cleared. Your roof will thank you by lasting longer if you also splurge to have your eaves troughs cleaned professionally at least once a year, but even doing this job yourself will help. That’s because when gutters aren’t kept clear, they can flood and cause water to drain from your roof effectively leading to leaks.

Eavestroughs are also an important part of leading water away from your home’s foundation and avoiding leaks and moisture. It is impossible for them to do this vital job if they are all clogged up, which means if you have even the tiniest cracks in your foundation you are going to begin to have a leaking problem when it rains or when the snow begins to melt that may eventually lead to mould or flooding.  Focus on prevention rather than repairs.  Your home will last longer and sell for more in the future if it is properly maintained.

Home maintenance is a major part of home ownership. If you’re scared of heights, there are lots of companies that will do this for you. Let us know if you need a recommendation for an experienced and trusted contractor.

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