Is it worth staging your property?

If you’re unsure if you should stage your home before getting it on the market to sell then the answer is yes.

There are two types of staging, occupied staging and vacant staging.

Occupied staging is when a designer comes in to provide tips on how to best showcase the property with your own furniture and decor.  This often involves depersonalizing and rearranging furniture to ensure you maximize the space in each room. Sometimes it also involves adding a few supplemental items such as accent pillows, lighting, vases, etc.

Vacant staging is when you rent furniture and decor to fully showcase the potential of a home and living space.  Vacant rooms appear smaller than furnished rooms in photos and it allows a buyer to better visualize themselves in a home.  Ensure that the style of the furniture and decor is reasonably neutral and compliments the home.  It is not always necessary to stage every single room but certainly the main living areas.  Also, consider staging any awkward areas that may not be obvious on how to furnish them.

The benefits of a well-staged home when selling:

  • minimize days on market
  • maximize your sale price
  • give the buyer the most enjoyable experience possible

The net result to you will always put you further ahead when you stage a home when selling.

The first impression is so important when selling so focus on preparing prior to listing. For more information and tips when it comes to preparing your home to list visit

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