Less is More When Attracting a Buyer

Less is often more when listing real estate. When selling a home there is such a thing as too much information.

The photos and the property listing description need to attract the buyer into viewing the home. The goal in marketing real estate is to capture a buyer’s attention to get them intrigued and curious enough to book a showing and experience the home. Too much information has the potential to scare someone away, especially if the photos are not done well.

Calgary’s local MLS system allows 50 photos but that is almost always too many. Too much info can cause the following problems:

  • a buyer clicks through 50 photos of toilets, empty closets, and storage rooms and they get distracted from and forget the best features of the home
  • your style and furniture might differ from theirs and they cannot imagine themselves living there
  • they might see something they consider a deal breaker at that moment and move on to the next listing
  • the buyer is casually browsing online for a home and your home may blend in with all the rest

When someone sees just enough online, they will want to view the home in person. If they see too much, they can be turned off and never experience all of the amazing things that make the home great, particularly the things that cannot be seen in photos. Ugly wallpaper, a wood panelled basement, or another cosmetic detail could cause someone to never walk through the door.

Instead, entice them into the home where they may notice the ‘deal breaker’ but be able to look past it. Allow them the opportunity to see the views, experience the quiet treelined street, meet the neighbours and imagine themselves living in the community. When they get the opportunity to emotionally connect with the home, they’re more likely to buy.

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