When you’re experiencing a tough real estate market, you must focus on the marketing.

If marketing your property, you should ensure your Realtor has a full strategy that leads past the initial launch on MLS as that is just the beginning of the journey.  Our team creates a comprehensive marketing approach for every property that is scalable based on the needs for the individual property and seller.

A few areas of marketing to consider:
  • Preparation and staging.  Ensure your home is ready to be marketed.  It should be maintained, cleaned, and designed to showcase each area of the home in the best possible way.
  • Professional photography.  This is a no brainer.  The photos are the most used marketing tool and it is the first impression to attract potential buyers to view the home.  This cannot be skipped.
  • Video.  A virtual tour should be more than a slideshow of images.  It is another tool to capture the potential buyer’s attention and connect them with your home.
  • Social media and digital marketing.  People spend an incredible amount of time on social media, utilize this as a way to get in front of your audience.
  • Brochures.  Yes, you should have an MLS feature sheet at the home but there should also be a high-end printed brochure.  A buyer may be viewing 10 homes in one day, you want your home to stand out when they are finished and everything starts to blend together.
  • Print media.  This may seem archaic to some but it still works.  Consider the demographic that will likely be the buyer of your property, if they’re likely older, this may be a great option.
  • Open houses.  Open houses should be strategic.  An open house every weekend is usually just a way for the Realtor to get potential leads.  For best results, open houses should be done when first launched and when there is a price adjustment.
  • International exposure.  There are many options to get a wide reach of international exposure but it’s not the best approach for every property.
  • Seasonal marketing.  If you listed in the winter and haven’t sold until spring, refresh your images, showcase the beautiful yard that was hidden beneath the snow in the initial listing photos.

These are just a few marketing options.  A great plan will determine the effectiveness of your marketing.  Not everything should be done on day one, some marketing items should be saved for one, two, and three months down the road if the listing hasn’t sold and has become stale.  By changing the marketing throughout the process, you have the opportunity to re-engage the interest of someone who may have previously overlooked the home.

Marketing should be dynamic and strategic.  Ask for a plan and feel free to ask questions if the plan doesn’t seem effective.


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