Pre-Marketing and Pricing

Pricing real estate goes hand in hand with the pre-marketing strategy and timing.  Our real estate team tracks the data to ensure that you come on the market at the right time and in the right way.

The most critical time can be the few weeks leading up to listing your home.  This time frame should be utilized for preparation and pre-marketing.  To prepare, consider minor repairs, cleaning, staging, decluttering, minor cosmetic upgrades.  Then the for sale sign should go up a few days before the listing is public.  Before a public launch on MLS, begin marketing to your neighbours and those in your community.  Word of mouth goes a long way in building anticipation and everyone wants to help choose their new neighbours.  More importantly, this time is used to determine the firm list price by gauging the interest and the feedback received during the pre-marketing period.

Going public to the marketplace at the right price is very important to set the stage for your sale.  Make sure you do it with as much and as accurate of information as possible to lead to a fast sale and a higher price.

Check out the Selling Series for more information on pricing and marketing your home for sale.

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