Preparation, presentation and first impressions

Preparation, presentation and first impressions are among the most important elements that will affect your outcome when selling real estate.

It takes a lot of work but it is worth it end for most.  It will help your home sell faster and sell at a higher price point.  If you’re not willing to invest the time and money, you can still achieve a sale by offering it at a lower price.

A few things to consider when preparing your home for the market:

  • Complete outstanding minor maintenance items
  • Remove vehicles from the driveway and in front of the house for photos, videos, and showings when possible
  • Maintain the lawn and landscaping.  Pick weeds, rake leaves, shovel snow, etc
  • Hide children’s toys, hoses, garbage cans etc
  • Check for and replace any burnt out light bulbs
  • Complete outstanding minor maintenance items
  • Clean every nook and cranny (housecleaning is often less expensive than people think, consider hiring someone for this if you don’t have the time and then maintaining is much easier after a deep clean)
  • Clear everything from countertops, bathroom counters, dressers, and tables
  • Remove any non-furniture items from the floor such as floor mats, small rugs, shoe racks, pet dishes, toys, bathroom trash cans, etc
  • Check for and replace any burnt out light bulbs
  • Keep beds made and rooms tidy
  • Depersonalize – remove the majority of family photos or personal decor
  • Consider staging or a staging consult to get an unbiased opinion of how to best showcase your home

All of these items will help your home have a great first impression for Realtors and potential buyers.  A great first impression in photos attracts them to view your home and an even better first impression is needed when they walk through the door.

Buyers can be easily turned off by minor items, particularly if they’re trying to make a decision between a few great houses.  Avoid anything that could knock it off the list.

For more information on selling your home pick up a copy of POSITIVELY SOLD, read more on The Selling Series, or view our selling strategy.

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