Selling Real Estate Series Part 7 – Communication

Communication is critical when it comes to selling your home and it is key to a positive real estate experience.  How, when, and what style of communication you want will impact your selling experience yet this is often a piece that isn’t discussed before listing your home.

Text, emails, phone calls or face to face.  They’ll all be used throughout the process but it’s about matching the methods and the information being communicated with your expectations.

Be sure to tell your agent how often you’d like updates on the process.  Your real estate team to know if you want to be kept in the loop every step of the way or if you’d rather just hear from them when there is an offer.  There’s a big difference and if you’re expecting one or the other but your Realtor isn’t on the same page, that’s a recipe for disaster.

If you’re more of a left- brain person, you’ll probably need someone who understands data and can communicate that data to you. If you’re more right-brain, you’ll probably fit better with a more creative type.

Over the years, my team has had a handful of sales where, based on a personality mismatch, it’s been determined I’m not always the best person to be leading the customer experience. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be part of a sale, just that I’m not the right person to be interacting on a daily or weekly basis with the client. A personality assessment test would probably be useful, but I think that would be a little intense for most clients although we do them occasionally. Instead, we ask a few important questions based on years of experience:

  • What type of communication do you prefer: phone, text message, email, face-to-face? Getting along with somebody is simple, but communicating at a personal level or at least the level that is required for a real estate transaction to happen, is rare and critical.
  • Do you prefer to receive updates weekly, biweekly or monthly?
  • Would you like line-by-line details of what we’re working on? Or a more general monthly phone call update?

These questions separate clients who like a high level of detail from those who prefer basic information and who are fine with a phone call check-in from those who want a detailed spreadsheet.

If you discuss and outline the expectations for communication at the beginning of the sale process it will make a huge difference to the outcome and experience of your sale.

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