Selling Real Estate Series Part 2 – Consultation

If you want a stellar real estate experience, you’ll need a top-tier real estate team. Investing some time in the process of finding an agent who is a great match for you will save you time and maybe money down the road.  You don’t have to hire the first agent you talk to. Interview a few and find one who matches your personality and expectations.

Ask a few friends for recommendations and ask specifically what was great about their real estate agent and their experience.  Most people can provide a name but find out what really sets them apart. When you have a few names do a little research. View their website, their social media, and a few of their listings to make sure they’re representing others homes the way you want yours marketed as well.

There’s a simple way to narrow down the pool to the two or three agents you’ll actually meet with: responsiveness. Whoever calls you back the quickest gets your time. “Quick” varies, but calling you back within five minutes says a lot.

When you schedule an interview, whether a meeting in your home or a cup of coffee, there are a few fundamentals that should be covered, the pricing, timing, the marketing and the communication between you and your real estate team.

A few other things to consider is their demeanour. Are they enthusiastic about receiving your call? Are they confident? Do they answer your questions with authority and specific details or do they umm and uhh?

Do they seem desperate? An agent who is desperate for a commission cheque is more likely to put their own needs ahead of their client’s. Watch out for this, especially in a sliding market when sales are tougher to come by. That means they may give poor advice, for example encouraging you to buy something that doesn’t fit your needs or to sell for less today than what you could get next week.

Be wary of an agent who seeks to “get creative” in the negative sense of the term, for example by withholding information from the other party in order to get a leg up. If it seems sketchy, it probably is. They may leave you liable or they might try using their same tactics against you in some future deal.

After a few consultations pick the person that is the best fit for your personality, your property, and your situation.

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