Selling Real Estate Series Part 5 – Marketing

A great marketing strategy for real estate is proactive, resourceful, and takes into account an understanding of the local marketplace.

There’s more to selling a home than a sign, photos, and putting the listing on MLS.  That may work in a seller’s market but not in a difficult or down market. To get top dollar for your home as well as to sell quickly, you have to have a strategy. Depending on your home you may need to focus your advertising locally to the neighbourhood or to people looking to be close to a desired school or street.  Or perhaps it’s a unique property that requires international exposure or additional marketing to a niche demographic like equestrian enthusiasts. Not all homes are created equal so a marketing strategy should be customized to your home and to your situation.

You’ve likely invested time in money to get your house ready to list, now your real estate agent should invest their time and money into marketing the home.  Don’t be afraid to ask your agent what they’ll cover in regards to marketing because it is essentially a part of the fees you pay.

For example, they may cover the cost of:

  • listing fees
  • newspaper, magazine and other print advertising
  • open house expenses
  • signage
  • promotional videos for the property
  • digital renderings
  • custom printed brochures
  • social media exposure
  • online advertising
  • architectural and aerial photography
  • staging consultation
  • measuring and floorplans
  • the team’s time spent on meetings, showings, creating marketing material, tracking data, client updates, data input and more

Not all marketing is created equal.  Ask for a plan and ask for samples to ensure it’s as good as they promise.

For more information on selling your home pick up a copy of POSITIVELY SOLD, read more on The Selling Series, or view our selling strategy.

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