Selling Real Estate Series Part 8 – Preparation

You shouldn’t underestimate the preparation require when it comes to selling real estate.  There is a lot of work, heavy lifting, and details to consider to ensure you’re ready to list your home for sale.  Thankfully your Realtor should be able to coach you and help you along the way.

There is pricing, contracts, measuring, home prep, photos, verifying the listing details, and so much more, all before you’re even on the market.

Once you’ve selected and hired your Realtor they will be working on evaluating your home and determining the list price for your home.  During that time, a few things to consider are:

  • Keys.  Your Realtor will need a set of keys and any alarm instructions to provide to Realtors showing the property.
  • Create a list of features about your home.  You know your home better than anyone else so ensure to tell your Realtor all of the details that make it amazing, especially items that cannot be seen during a viewing such as upgraded insulation or high-efficiency appliances.  Also, point out the secret cubby that the kids play in and the neighbourhood block parties that happen every summer.
  • Declutter and clean your home.  The time and money you spend ensuring your home is beyond presentable will be made up on the sale price. No one wants to buy a dirty house.
  • Get professional help to make your home look it’s best.  You may not need to stage your home, but a staging consult is still handy. These pros will give you tips to present your home in the most favourable way. They may recommend putting some items in storage, rearranging furniture to improve flow, adding furnishings or a full staging.
  • Find, update, or order a new Real Property Report for your home.  This sounds stuffy, but it’s really important. The Real Property Report, also known as a survey, will be required for the closing (unless the buyer agrees to buy the property “as-is,” which is rarely a good idea). The RPR outlines the boundaries of the home and any improvements (for example, any fences, decks or a garage), and whether or not they encroach on neighbouring property lines or violate bylaws. It will need a stamp of compliance from your local city or municipality to confirm approval.
  • Sign a listing agreement with your agent.  This agreement will include a list price, a contract end date, commissions payable and some other standard terms.
  • Get fantastic architectural photos.  A Realtor should NEVER take their own photos. Professional photos cannot be skipped because photos get people through the door. Without stunning photos in the listing to convince them to come to see it in person, nobody is going to fall in love with your home, even if it’s amazing. A professional photographer should always be hired for this essential job.
  • Review the listing details.  Review the MLS listing from your agent and confirm the details.
  • Hammer that sign into the lawn. Your agent will post a For Sale sign on your property.

Now you’re ready to list!

For more information on selling your home pick up a copy of POSITIVELY SOLD, read more on The Selling Series, or view our selling strategy.

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