Selling When It Is Snowing

Like the snow or not, the weather definitely affects the real estate market and you should consider selling when it is snowing.

The fall data from the Calgary Real Estate Board indicates that inventory has lessened but sales have remained the same. This is good news for the sellers that do stay on the market as their odds of selling their home increase. For buyers, there is a little less selection to choose from but still a reasonable amount of inventory that it is unlikely that you’ll end up in a bidding war right now but that could change.

Nolan Mattias, from Mortgage360, reports that they are currently seeing double the mortgage applications from last August.  That is almost as many as April which is typically the highest intake of new applications. If you’re thinking of selling take note as this means buyers are coming to the market. High volumes of mortgage applications in August means house hunting in September through November.

Therefore, it is the season to sell, even if it’s snowing.

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