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September Real Estate Update 2019

Schools back in session and the real estate market is picking up. August stats show an increase in sales and a reduction of new listing inventory. This will continue the trend toward balanced market conditions. Sales improved 6% compared to … Read More

August Real Estate Update 2019

The real estate market is finally trending towards stabilization. For the last four months in a row, inventories have declined compared to the respective months last year due to an improvement in sales and a decline in new listings. With … Read More

July Real Estate Update 2019

July real estate update – it is still a buyer’s market in Calgary. Although new listing inventory is down, there is still an oversupply so Calgary remains a great market to buy. If you are selling, you’ve likely noticed a … Read More

June Real Estate Update 2019

May real estate stats are out, finally what we’ve been waiting for.  There are some positive statistics and news. Calgary finished the month of May at 7,467 units of inventory/decline of 12 percent compared to last year. Citywide sales in … Read More

Why the details matter

When you want something done right, do it yourself.  You shouldn’t always trust your Realtor to be correct when it comes to the details.  But, this doesn’t mean you should let them off the hook either! As a seller, you … Read More

May Real Estate Update 2019

The sentiment is changing and so is the market. There are no significant changes in sales activity compared to the past few months but there is a change compared to last year at the same time. With spring-ish in the … Read More

The Buyer’s Perspective

It was your home and it still is until the sold sign goes up. You loved it, you created memories, and every detail has a story. When you’re selling, sadly, you have to let that go. The focus when selling … Read More

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