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February Real Estate Update 2019

The economic struggles of Calgary are having a direct impact on the real estate industry. According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, January sales totalled 804 units, 16 percent below last year and 21 percent below long-term averages for the … Read More

January Real Estate Update 2019

Happy new year! January real estate update, the reality is, we are in a challenging market. Sales are down and vacancies are high leading to a decline in prices. December sales totalled 794 units, a 21 percent decline over the … Read More

December Real Estate Update 2018

November real estate statistics are in and it is an obvious buyer and investor market. Sales are down over 14 percent over last November and nearly 20 percent below long-term averages.  With that said, there have still been over 15,000 homes sold … Read More

November Real Estate Update 2018

November is here and it arrived with some concerning statistics about the Calgary real estate market.   First of all, if you want honest insight on what the statistics mean for you, give me a call 403-608-1112.  The analysis of all statistics, … Read More