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With more than 15 years as a licensed Realtor, Dennis has devoted his career to building relationships and improving the lives of the people he serves. Whether it’s seizing innovative technologies, telling the story of a client's home, or negotiating important deals, Dennis’ strategic vision navigates the largest transactions of most people’s lifetime.

His creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm for excellence led to him to closing record sales year after year as well as being ranked among the top Realtors in his marketplace.

Dennis’ passion for sales started young. As a seven-year-old boy, he was selling Star Wars toys door-to-door learning the value of a strong work ethic.

Today, he puts that passion to work for his clients whether it is finding them their first home or closing multimillion-dollar deals. For Dennis, his goal is to make sure his clients get the deal they want, so they can have a positive and successful real estate experience.

Dennis is also the author of Hustle: A Guide to the Ethical Art of Selling & Survival and most recently Positively Sold: Buy Smarter, Sell Higher & Push Your Real Estate Agent to Hustle Harder.



With a wealth of experience in the service industry, negotiations and construction trades, Luke brings a unique and sought-after skillset to the real estate industry. His wide range of knowledge, combined with a keen attention to detail, makes Luke an invaluable asset to his clients. He knows what it takes to get and close the deals his clients deserve, and he won’t accept anything less.

Excelling in client service, research, spotting value and matching properties to clients, Luke is driven to be the best asset his clients could ask for.

An avid snowboarder, dirt bike rider, and outdoorsman, Luke brings his sense of adventure, fun and boldness to the real estate industry. Luke is a Realtor on the team at Plintz Real Estate, where his creativity, flexibility and knowledge serve his colleagues and clients alike. With his patient and calm disposition, Luke ensures every one of his clients has an exceptional real estate experience that is unparalleled in the Calgary and area real estate market.



With an extensive background in hospitality, property management, marketing, and client care, Danielle is able to perform and execute the principles of excellent customer service and understands what it takes to keep clients coming back.

Since joining Plintz Real Estate in 2012, Danielle has emerged as the engine of the team, managing vast amounts of information in its database, and ensuring every client is handled with absolute care. She is diligent and executes with excellence.

A regular on the roller derby scene, Danielle’s passion for skating has helped her team rise in the ranks of their international league. That same passion for real estate, and for helping people buy and maintain their homes drives Danielle to excel in the real estate industry.

Danielle keeps all the moving parts working together efficiently. She brings a resourcefulness and thoroughness that make her a strong asset to her team, and to their clients.



Since graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in New Media, Nigel is on a mission to explore how cinema can be used to uniquely resonate with people by crafting powerful stories.

Nigel joined Plintz Real Estate where he provides professional corporate video and editing services. He brings creativity and an edge to help their clients stand out in the real estate market. Through compelling videography, Nigel shows that while an image is worth a thousand words, cinematography is worth millions.

Nigel is a self-proclaimed film nerd, captivated by the power of video to engage and inspire people. He sees every moment as an opportunity to create something amazing, which is what he does at Plintz Real Estate.