The Buying Series Part 5 – What to expect when viewing homes

Looking for your dream home in Calgary? Let’s make the process easy and efficient. Think of it like speed dating – get in, get out, and be picky about what you say yes to. Don’t waste time on a home that doesn’t grab your attention on the first impression. We respect your time, so we won’t waste it. Showings are typically booked for an hour, but often don’t require the full hour.

Schedule viewings in the afternoon when possible to avoid rush hour and increase the likelihood of approval from sellers. We suggest narrowing down your list to homes that truly excite you. Don’t feel pressured to see everything, as it’s easy to lose track of what you’re looking for. On average, people view about 10 homes before finding “the one.”

Before visiting a home, do a drive-by to make sure the street and area are to your liking. Trust our experience to help you find the right home that is not only perfect for you but also saleable in the future. We’ll even throw in a few “wildcards” that you may not have considered.

Prepare for showings by eating and drinking beforehand. Bring snacks and water, and have a top 3 list of your favorite homes to stay on track. Let us know if you’d like to view show homes, and we’ll register you. Visit open houses and let the hosting agent know you’re working with us for more space to look around.

Your feedback and questions are valuable to your Realtor. The more we know about what you love and hate about properties, the better equipped we are to find your perfect home. And don’t forget, we need to verify your ID by law, so please bring it with you if you haven’t already. Let’s find your dream home together!