The Buying Series Part 7 – Showing checklist

When looking for a new home, there are certain things that are important to each individual. While you may not find a home that checks off every item on your list, it’s crucial to ensure that it has the most important ones. We suggest dividing your list into ‘must haves’ and ‘like to haves.’ Here are some items that you might consider adding to your list:

  • Parking: Make sure the home has an appropriate amount of parking, and that the garage or parking stall can accommodate your vehicle, especially if you have a large truck. Condo door clearance and arched garage doors might not make the cut.
  • Storage: Take note of the amount of storage space available in the home. A good staging job can disguise a home with too little storage.
  • Room shape and size: Check the dimensions of each room for accuracy, even if they’re labelled on the listing. A “den” could be a room without a closet or window, or it might just be a slightly indented nook in an open living space.
  • Laundry room: Decide on the location of the laundry room that suits your needs, such as an ensuite, shared room in the building, main floor, or upper level, so you’re not hauling laundry down to the basement. Additionally, consider if you need extra storage or a sink in the laundry room.
  • Shower, tub, or both: Determine if it’s important to have a shower, tub, or both in the master ensuite.
  • Lower pull-out drawers in the kitchen: Consider if this feature is a like-to-have item for you, as opposed to cupboards.
  • Pets: Check if the home or condo allows pets, and if so, are there any restrictions.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to your personal list of important items. However, having a list will help you ensure that you don’t miss something that is crucial to you.