Selling Real Estate Series Part 4 – Timing

When selling real estate, it’s best to capitalize on the right timing for both you and the marketplace.  Both are equally important when selling a home.

First, consider your personal timing.  

Is it more convenient to wait until your children are back in school?  

Do you require more time to spruce up your home and get it in showhome condition?  

Are you going away for a vacation and it’s best to get it listed to have showing and open houses scheduled while you’re away?

Then there is the timing of the market.  Markets change and the competition changes too.  Your Realtor should follow the data and have a confident approach to the launch of your home listing.   This includes considering what seasons have the best results and what day of the week to list to get the most exposure for your property.

The timing you choose will affect the pricing and the strategy that is put in place.  But you’re not alone, your real estate team should be able to give you great advice to maximize results regardless of the timing that works best for you.

For more information on selling your home pick up a copy of POSITIVELY SOLD, read more on The Selling Series, or view our selling strategy.

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