To Sell or Not to Sell in the Winter

It seems crazy to me that people think it’s a good idea to come off the real estate market in November and December. Good for what exactly? It’s good for your real estate agent so they can take some Christmas holidays. It’s good to avoid one or two terribly inconvenient showings – even though they can be declined or rescheduled for a day or two after your holiday party. I understand if you have kids, pets, or family coming from out of town but remember, you still want to sell your property. So this is where your agent or team should step up and be fully engaged to help facilitate.

The only reason one should take it off the market is for a day or two to take new seasonal photos, plan an open house, create new advertisements, and shoot a virtual tour to position it for the new market. Maybe to change the listing to an agent that is willing to give it their all in December. Why? Because few others are. It is contrarian and that often does better in business over the long haul.

Our team’s sales are always strong in November and December. Not just because we don’t take holidays (or if we do, we strategically plan them so someone is always available on the ground) but rather because of the statistics back up this position.

Inventory levels drop substantially through October, November, and December. Come January through March they pick back up creating a buyers market. That’s great if you’re a buyer as more inventory means more selection and more competition.

Sellers, please hear this! Stay on the market, step up your game plan, and you will substantially increase the probability of getting an offer. We believe it and the data supports it. Looking at it from a different perspective, over the holiday season, people are often working a little less. This allows for more time for house hunting or online shopping (where your listing will hopefully show up as an ad).

Yes it is inconvenient to get your house ready for showings while decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and there is a turkey in the oven, however, some of our best deals have happened the day before, the day after, and occasionally even on Christmas Day. Because the buyers and the agents out at this time are serious.

With less competition allows for more attention for your property and less negotiating power for a buyer cause there aren’t 15 houses on the market down the street they can buy if you won’t budge on price.

Winter is the perfect time to be on the market, especially in Calgary. Get aggressive and strategic with your marketing and your time. If you need a break, take it in March when the competition is hot.

November and December = great months to sell.


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